Preventing Chronicity

Preventing Chronicity

We aim to help care for people who care for others.

If you look after others in your professional role or personal life, then you will be aware that this takes personal strength and balance. In focusing on the wellbeing of others, you may find you're own physical and mental health suffers as you have little time or energy for yourself. The irony is that when you take time for yourself, you have more to give. Mindfulness training offers a unique opportunity to look after your wellbeing while also developing skills to help others manage the challenges they face. Mindfulness is not another technique but a life skill that guides us to listen clearly, to speak honestly, to understand and to guide with empathy. Mindful Movement offers 3-course options to health professionals. These include Positive Neuroplasticity, Preventing Chronicity and MBSR.  

PREVENTING CHRONICITY: Mindfulness informed clinical practice for the prevention and treatment of chronic pain 

This course has been run on eight occasions since 2014 with overwhelmingly positive feedback. The next courses will be run in Sydney and Adelaide in 2018 subject to demand.

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Discounts apply for early booking (10%) and group bookings paid 30 days in advance (15% and 20% for 2 and 3 people respectively). Due to the teaching style workshop sizes are very small, so book early to avoid disappointment. 

Location:TBA 2018: $880.00

The course includes pre-reading materials (eligible for 20 CPD points), comprehensive manual (Click here), CDs, lunch and refreshments.  

Prepare to be challenged, nourished and inspired as you explore the complexities of the human body - mind.

Chronic pain is associated with a compromise in a number of cognitive, emotional and sensory processes reflected in altered immune and brain functioning and structural change. You probably know this! Do you know, however, that numerous clinical and neurophysiological studies have found mindfulness-based practices create positive change in these SAME processes, immune functions and brain regions! 

This unique two-day course, presented by a musculoskeletal physiotherapist, yoga and mindfulness teacher Georgie Davidson weaves together compelling clinical and neuroscientific research on pain, immunology, stress, mindfulness and yoga to present an early intervention clinical framework. Presented initially in 2014, this course with its clinically relevant practices was evaluated pre, post and at three months and found to significantly increase confidence levels in a number of key areas for preventing chronicity. 

This is not your usual PD course! Training in the art and science of self-awareness, perceptual change, physiological regulation and positive neuroplasticity is offered in a learning space designed to inspire, engage and create. With a small group of fellow clinicians, you will be invited to explore your own mind, how your mind creates change in your body, and your body creates change in your mind, how you see yourself, your patients and your role in guiding others. We’ll spend time exploring, in small groups discussing and in pairs practising. From this deeply personal platform we will develop the skills, attitudes and knowledge to help our patients create the conditions for healing: building self-efficacy, helping them to see their inner worth and capacity to heal, to build their abilities to regulate their stress response, and to respond consciously to their pain, injury and suffering. Ultimately the key lies in helping people to move towards their experience with curiosity and acceptance, letting go of the struggle that leads down the slippery slope of an unhelpful brain and immune change. 

A comprehensive manual (Table of Contents), optional pre-reading and a guided CD will give you the tools to continue your learning along with a pathway that is both personally nourishing and effective for facilitating recovery in others. With optional pre-reading, you'll accumulate 20 plus CPD points. 


DAY ONE: 8.30am - 5pm. Registration 8:30am - 9.00am 

Clinical stories. The science of pain, pain vs suffering, risk factors for chronic pain, innovative mindfulness informed strategies.

Knowing the world: balancing cognitive processing and sensory perception.

A clinical framework: moving towards experience with the body as an intervention point for change.   

ATTENTION: The importance of attention: maintaining attention, choosing what we attend to and shifting attention. The rigid pain brain: creating a flexible brain. Developing attention based skills. 

PERCEPTION: The art of inquiry: perceptual change - decreasing the threat bias of pain, change and injury. 

Reflecting on our personal strengths, skills, beliefs and our role in rehabilitation.

Engage in breathing and body scan practices, awareness of everyday activities.  

DAY TWO: 9am - 5pm

STRESS PHYSIOLOGY: physical, emotional and cognitive consequences.  Assessing and regulating stress. 

CONSCIOUS RESPONDING: Understanding the evolutionary biases of the brain - shaping the brain in helpful ways. Mindful listening and delivering education that connects with the lived experience of the person.  

YOU: Taking care of yourself. The importance of relationships. Building inner strength and coping resources: ours and our patients. 

Engage in awareness practices, mindful movement, mindful listening and inquiry.

For more information on the course - Preventing Chronicity

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